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National Youth Skill Training Institute (Institut   Kemahiran Belia Negara Chembong) is one of 8 new IKBN by the Ministry of Youths and Sports Malaysia under 7th Malaysia Plan. The constructions began on October 1999 at a cost of RM 52 millions and were completed on April 2002. IKBN Chembong is one of the Excellent Centre among IKBN for Automotive Industry in Malaysia.
IKBN Chembong started operation on January 2003 by offering various technical skills in 2 main courses   Automotive and Civil.
IKBN Chembong is an accredited centre under Skills Development Division for 11 courses from SKM level 1 till level 5 in Automotive and Civil.
Concept of learning in IKBN Chembong emphasizes on 70% practical and 30 % theory


1. Heavy Machinery Maintenance
2. Motor Vehicles Maintenance
3. Commercial Vehicles Maintenance
4. Vehicles Body Repairs
5. Vehicles Spray Painting

1. Building Construction
2. Architecture Draughtsman
3. Landscape Construction
4. Scaffolding
5. Tower Crane Operation

Train the youths and produce skilled and semi-skilled manpower in Automotive and Civil course. To ensure graduated students can obtain job in Automotive or Civil technology either in government or private sector or even self-employed.

Certifications is under Department of Skills Development ( Jabatan Pembangunan  Kemahiran , JPK) by Ministry of Human  Resources. Youth who successfully completed the course will be awarded Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) certificate according to their level. For qualified students, can further up to Diploma and    Diploma Advanced in Automotive or Civil

1.    Theory and Practical Skill Training
2.    Marching and Discipline Training
3.    Leadership Training
4.    Religious and Spiritual Programs
5.    Entrepreneurial Education
6.    Sport, Recreation and Fitness